Del Galdo Law Group Appoints Firm’s 1st Diversity & Inclusion Director

June 29, 2020

As part of the Del Galdo Law Group’s long-term commitment to progressive employment practices and a welcoming workplace environment for both our staff and our clients, the firm has created a new post of Director of Diversity & Inclusion.

Veronica Bonilla-Lopez, whose legal practice at the firm focuses on civil litigation, representing both public and private sector clients in the defense of state and federal litigation, will serve as the first director. Additionally, a four-member committee of staff will support Bonilla-Lopez’s work to implement both a short-term and long-term diversity and inclusion plan.

“Historically, the Del Galdo Law Group has embraced diversity and inclusion for the benefit of our staff and our clients as part of my own personal commitment,” said Del Galdo Law Group managing partner Michael Del Galdo. “Still, institutionalizing diversity and inclusion through a director and four-member support committee can assure that these values are operationalized daily to better serve our staff and clients.”