Our Firm

Our Expertise

Our Firm and our attorneys concentrate in municipal law, litigation, economic development, real estate and land use, high school, elementary school and higher education school law, public finance, and labor and employment law. Our Firm also counsels both governmental entities and private sector clients in legislative drafting, litigation, zoning, tax increment financing, economic development, real estate matters, land use, labor, employment, licensing, permitting and public contracting.

Our Commitment

Our Firm and our attorneys aggressively pursue our clients’ goals. We are committed to working not just for, but also with our clients in a professional and ethical manner. Our Firm stays abreast of the latest changes in local and state laws by serving on various boards in different communities, attending conferences, receiving numerous publications and conducting extensive research.

When legislative solutions are required, our attorneys develop strategies, draft proposed legislative language, analyze statutory, local and regulatory provisions, and draft memoranda to officials explaining complex legal and public policy issues. We have experience in forming coalitions to enhance support for our clients' positions among businesses, trade associations, interest groups and others who share similar legislative goals. Our regulatory lawyers appear frequently before agencies in both formal and informal proceedings, such as rulemaking and enforcement actions. We have extensive experience in municipal law, school law, litigation, real estate, land use, economic development, public finance and labor and employment law.