Our Firm maintains a staff of experienced attorneys who routinely appear in state and federal court to litigate matters on behalf of local units of government, corporations and individuals. Our Firm handles cases at the administrative, trial and appellate level in a variety of matters. From the onset of a suit, or frequently even prior to the suit, our Firm’s litigation attorneys approach cases from a problem solver perspective on behalf of the client. In this problem solver role, our Firm has achieved success for our clients through a variety of methods. We have tried cases to verdict. We have drafted, argued and won motions that dispose of cases in our clients’ favor. We have negotiated favorable settlements. We have counseled clients on actions that serve to prevent future litigations. We have drafted, argued and won cases on appeal. On an annual basis, our Firm’s active litigation docket consists of approximately 185-200 pending litigation cases.

Our Firm appears in federal and state courthouses throughout Illinois. The focus of our Firm's litigation practice is the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois and the Circuit Court of Cook County. However, our Firm has represented clients in several other counties, including but not limited to DuPage County, Will County, Ogle County and Whiteside County. Further, our Firm has argued several cases before the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and the Illinois Appellate Court. Lastly, our Firm regularly handles matters before local, state and federal administrative bodies.

Areas of Experience

  • Injunctions and equitable remedies
  • Complex contract disputes and business litigation
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Constitutional law and civil rights
  • Employment discrimination
  • Labor and employment law
  • Workers compensation
  • Personal injury and premise liability defense
  • Administrative review
  • Eminent domain/condemnation
  • Zoning and real estate
  • Election and voting rights
  • Building code and municipal ordinance enforcement and prosecution
  • Environmental law

Representative Experience

  • Alejandro Duran v. the Town of Cicero, et al. - 6 week federal jury trial in which 78 plaintiffs sued the Town of Cicero and 12 of its police officers. Our Firm secured verdicts of not guilty against 55 of the 78 plaintiffs and limited plaintiffs to a monetary recovery of only 10% of their trial demand.
  • Est. of Teresa Iacovetti v. the City of Chicago Heights, et al. - won summary judgment in novel §1983 equal protection wrongful death lawsuit alleging gender discrimination in relation to domestic violence.
  • Socorro Villaseñor v. the Town of Cicero, et al. - won summary judgment in complex slip and fall case.
  • Alejandra Perez v. Officer Eddie Perez - won summary judgment in §1983 claim for deliberate indifference to medical needs and state law claim for willful and wanton conduct after police detainee was struck and killed by a train.
  • Sunset Lake Apartments v. the Village of Justice, et al. - won dismissal of premises liability suit based on municipal tort immunity.
  • Jose Dimas Soriano v. the Town of Cicero, et al. - won summary judgment in excessive force police shooting case. Argued case before the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.
  • Joseph DeMauro v. the Town of Cicero, et al. - 8 day federal jury trial in which our Firm secured a defense verdict in an amount that was significantly less than plaintiff’s pre-trial demand.
  • Charles Hernandez v. the Town of Cicero, et al. - 7 day federal jury trial in which our Firm won a finding of not guilty.