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Dominick and his private sector town attorney, Michael Del Galdo of the Berwyn-based Del Galdo Law Group, had cleaned out the backlog of lingering litigation of 60 suits and is handling just 12 state or federal suits and had slashed the town's legal bills.

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Cicero President Larry Dominick was recently honored with the Donald E. Stephens Award of Excellence for the wide variety of supportive and effective services provided to seniors in Cicero.

A federal appeals court last week ordered that a Hinsdale attorney be sanctioned for misconduct,a move that could potentially return to the Town of Cicero's coffers $287,500 in legal fees.

Joe Kimble from the The Thomas Cooley Law School commends work by Del Galdo Law Group.

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Municipal attorney Michael Del Galdo predicted that 2014 suburban Cook County referendum would fare better if clearly written. He was right.

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The Aurora City Council will decide next week if four requests for medical marijuana facilities in the city meet zoning and special use guidelines.

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There is a secret to winning voter-approval of referenda in suburban Cook County and elsewhere, according to municipal attorney Michael Del Galdo.

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Farmers Insurance may have withdrawn its recent climate change lawsuit against 98 local Illinois governments, but a lawyer representing some of the towns sued says that the Illinois legislature should act to protect communities against future suits.

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To defend themselves against the high-profile Farmers Insurance lawsuit that have hit communities across Cook County over the spring 2013 thunder storms, nine suburbs have hired attorney Michael Del Galdo as a special counsel to bolster their legal firepower.

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The Illinois Finance Authority has established an "approved counsel" list for legal projects, slating $1.5 million for some of the state's top government law firms.